Wednesday, August 27, 2008


What we have here ladies and gentleman is an ultra rare and hightly sought after 04' Bianchi Pista Concept frame in MINT NEVER BEFORE RIDDEN CONDITION!!!

Wow, a frame of this vintage has got to be worth at least three times as much as your average 08' Concept frame despite being virtually identical. Not to mention that 04' was a very, very good year. It was the last year before anyone knew what a track bike actually was in case you were wondering. I'll be bringing you up to the minute reports as the next 6+ nail biting days go on!

Place your bets on what you think is going to be the high bid in this post's comments section. Whoever guesses closest to the final bid wins a prize!

Current bid as of 8/20 11:06 pm EST with 6 days and 18 hours to go:


Current bid as of 8/21 10:00 am EST with 6 days and 7 hours to go:


WOW, things sure are getting exciting now!:

Current bid as of 8/21 6:19 pm EST with 5 days and 23 hours to go:


Current bid as of 8/22 12:39 pm EST with 5 days and 5 hours to go:


Whoa, now this is unheard of: A Pista Concept going down in price??? It had gone up to $700 but I was holding out for a higher bid before updating it again when I saw it actually lowered!

Current bid as of 8/25 9:25 pm EST with 1 days and 20 hours to go:


Okay, so after the other day's upset we're back to going up again:

Current bid as of 8/27 3:28 pm EST with 3 hours and 45 min to go:


Whoooa it's getting exciting now!!!

Current bid as of 8/27 4:07 pm EST with 1 hours and 52 min to go:


Oh man, what an exciting auction this was. So many ups and downs!

Closing bid: $848.38

Big surprise seeing as how it's clearly worth WAY more than a measly $300 over retail price. What a deal the happy new owner got!

Our closest bet was for $875 by Jason! Be sure to contact me within the next few minutes for your prize man! otherwise you don't get shit!!



Auntie Maim said...

$1323 ($27/cm)

CyclingWMD said...

AHAHAHA- I love your breakdown per CM!!!

pom said...




haterNation said...


jason said...


Eric said...


Chocobot said...


I love that he lists the retail price of $599.00 on the page...ugh

Hustle Jr. said...


santiago said...


Matt said...


Chocobot said...

i'm totally gonna win it!

closest to without going over right? Price Is Right style?

CyclingWMD said...

hehe, I was thinking more like who's closest. You're def close but ya neeeever know. Only 20+min to go!

jason said...

Yeah! I won.
You said you were giving away your Yamaguchi as the prize right?

CyclingWMD said...

hardy har har! NEVAH!!! Although I would let you borrow it for like.. a day if you helped me get laid, hehehe...

Anonymous said...

At least this didn't even get a fuckin nibble . . .

CyclingWMD said...

Right?! Probs because permanently changing the paint scheme decreases it's value...?