Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Picked up my New Cuevas Track frame today!

UPDATE!: I sent Fernando Cuevas an email yesterday about my recent acquisition of this frame and the desire to repaint it properly with a new set of decals. From what I've heard he's been very sick these days so I wasn't expecting to hear back from him at all. Low and behold I got an email from him just now! Check it:

Hello Alan,
Congrats on the frame, this is one of Mike's personal frames.
As for decals I do have some original sets from the 1980s.
They are $75.00 a set which include,
2 cuevas panel
1 columbus
1 cuevas head
1 francisco cuevas signature
Now for paint i ususlly send the frames out to
Toby does some great work.His jobs run $550.00 and they are
super finished.
Let me know what you wish to do
Thanks and good luck!


As you can imagine I'm hella stoked about the decals! And not at all about having to shell out another $550 for a fucking respray. I had to do that when I had my Mercian repainted and it was a bummer. However the paint job is stunning so I guess that means I'm fucked with this one... BTW, Does anyone have a Zeus Pista group lying around anywhere??


aaaand it's kinda a bummer.. But not really! I mean, it is indeed a Cuevas circa 70's Track frame from the man Mr. Mike Fraysse himself. Only thing is, the paint job is pretty bad. I know I'm being really super bitchy as per usual but, while the paint is new and looks lovely, it's a COMPLETELY different story when you get right up on it. Also, the Cuevas decals on the DT are over the clear coat- LLLLAME! Anyways, I will most likely set this thing up shortly with some parts I already have and beat on it until I can get my greasy mitts on a set of new replacement decals...

$50 bucks goes to the first person that can find me a set of decals! Try finding me a complete Zeus Pista Group while your at it too, hehe. GET TO WORK!

p.s. my garden is starting to look quite luscious isn't it?? I can only hope it yields as much last year...



Chocobot said...

oh dog, you know i own a zeus track group. it is my dad's closet in san francisco. i love that campy impersonation shit, gieppiemme has an amazing group too

CyclingWMD said...

No you don't! If you do you best let me know ASAP!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you're still looking for a zeus pista group, but I've got most of one or the action parts anyway. I've got wheels- 28 spoke zeus hubs to mavic sew-ups and a zeus pista crank with 48 tooth 1/8 ring zeus chainring bolts and the matching bottom bracket (french threaded).