Thursday, May 29, 2008

One Jaw dropping wooden and copper ride.. well, sort of...

This is quite possibly one of THE most artfully conceived and totally unrideable bikes made in recent times. From the Ant man himself:

Ant bike Mike is one of the gnarliest bike builders out there right now. He def has a style and class all his own. Check out his website, blog and flickr gallery if you don't mind wiping the drool off your desk...



Chocobot said...

DOOOOOOOOOOODE OOOO MMMMYYYYY GOOOOOOOD. I keep trying to find out how to doooo this. omg i have got to get my cinelli cross stem coppered out looking so fly. gold, fuck it, platinum? nah, that shit is played out, steal, aluminum, carboner? nope, shit is copper dog.

- late plate

ps - build me a tall bike out of trek 420s and shimano 600

CyclingWMD said...

Nice man! Yeah, copper is the shit. I was going to go all copper with my Bilenky before I came up with the whole brass idea. I would still love to do a nice vintage copper ride though. As for the tall bike, hook me up with two steel frames and you can bet I'd put something killerrr together for ya!

Chocobot said...

Wonderful...alright here is what I got:

Vintage Trek

on top of:

a trike?

potentially a seat in the back?