Monday, May 12, 2008

A prime example of why I rarely post tasty 56cm frames:

and here it is suckas- read em' and weep! or something...

I can't even tell you how much time I've spent searching high and low for a Cuevas frame. Prob about 5+ years now since I first heard of the name. Low and behold I spot this one on ebay for $499 no res and my bid went unchallengend! UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE!!!!!

Check out some of the key points in the description:

This listing is for a Vintage custom, handmade Francisco Cuevas track frame built in my frame shop in New Jersey when Francisco and Andreas Cuevas were my frame builders. Columbus tubing. Cinelli forged bottom bracket and fork crown. Campagnolo track dropouts, front tips chromed. Size 56cm center to top seat tube. Top tube 56cm center to center. Wheel base center to center 96cm. No dents, dings or scratches. English bottom bracket and headset, uses a 27.2 seatpost. Comes with a Stronglight A9 needle bearing alloy headset. This frame was built by the legendary Francisco Cuevas for me personally in the mid 1970's. The curved brake bridge was exclusive for me. This frame is a real work of art and a fine addition to your collection.

My favorite is the Q+A section:

Q: it's hard to tell from the photos the condition of the paint and such, although the dropouts look unused. what is the history of the use of this beautiful frame? also, how are the tire clearances? thanks May-06-08
A: The paint is new, it was raced by me and others and won more then its share.The tire clearances are not radical so you can use tubulars or 20mm clinchers without rubbing or floating the front wheel. Mike
Q: do you know the seat tube and head tube angles? also was this frame ever built up? the drops look brand new. May-06-08
A: 74, Yes it was built with all campy. I raced on it. Christian Stahl won 2 National Jr.titles on it. It has not been built since it was repainted several years ago.


The BEST part is that it's LOCAL!!! No shipping costs for me this time. The only question left is:

How should I build this one up???

p.s. thanks for not kicking this one up Buddah you nasty bitch!!!!!!!!!!!



® said...

what a find, what a colour, what a beauty... best bit is the history behind it. lucky man. can't wait to see it all up and am sure it'll be as awesome as your other ones. good luck on cracking your head on this one dude.


Dude,that creamish yellow is whats up!Been looking for one like that forever!

CyclingWMD said...

Hells yeah people! I'm SUPER stoked on this find. I'll be sure to post some picks once I get my filthy mitts on it...