Friday, November 30, 2007

OMG these guys are my fucking HEROS!!!


Thursday, November 29, 2007

HF's Hetchins BUILT...

While I FUCKing love classic British bikes I'm not quite sure I'm feelin' HF's final build:

Def gnarly reguardless...


What does this saddle have in common with Air Jordans?

The "Sella-Pneumatic System"...

Yes, this vintage 80's Campagnolo saddle can be pumped up to add more comfort while riding. How rad is that?! I first saw the mention of them on the HKFG blog and then did a little more research. It's a really cool concept. I'm surprised that A) I've never seen/heard of them before and B) why no one else has come out with something similar...

Here's a NOS one on ebay in green...


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Looks like someone is selling off their collection!

This seller is REALLY running a gamete of KILLER gear...


NJS stamped Campy Sheriff Star hubs - NOS!

Vintage Titan adjustable Stem and Bars

Tons more...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

All White Zaffiro II 700c Tires!

As seen on HKfixedgear...

Fuckin' SWEET!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Anybody interested in a NEW Felt TK2 Frame and parts?

I just recently purchased a nice group package! It included a NEW unused 54cm Felt TK2 (06?) frame, fork and headset, Deda bars, 100mm Deda Stem, American Classic post and a Selle saddle. I don't really have any use for the parts right now and the frame doesn't fit me. I'll sell this set-up for $600 INCLUDING shipping within the USA. All you'll need is a drive train and wheels. Here's more info on the frames size and geometry. If you're interested please contact me at:

A built up pic for referance:

Rad and rare Zeus Track frame and fork...

Wow this frame is DEF a keeper!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ya-ya-ya-YAMAGUCHI! Wait, Another one???

Wow, I honestly have NEVER seen so many Yamaguchi's sell on ebay since I started this blog. Craziness!

Now, THIS is a front wheel. Mavic IO if you please....

I'd like to see someone roll up on one of these bad boys sporting risers and bust out with some bar spins, hahaha!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I Fucking hate you Nashbar!!!

Now if you don't mind.. I've got a list to make up...

Update: I just noticed that they're selling those little Brooks Challenger Leather Tool Bags in Black and Honey for $69.99. As is that's a great price. Buy a few tubes etc. to bring yourself over a hundred and you're gold...

Holy Eddy Merckx frames Batman!

A fine selection of SWEET Eddy Merckx road frames all from the same seller. A lovely Pinarello too...

Oh, oh what's that I see here now? NAGASAWA!!!

I think out of all the keirin bike builders out there this is DEF one of my favs. Right along with Kalavinka. Sweet & Complete Nagasawa on ebay. I would love to love that frame...

Update: This item was relisted with a 'Buy it Now'

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pista Concept + Steroids = THIS...

Gnar-gnar Bianchi TT D2 Pista Carbon fram and fork on ebay...

I totally forgot all about this video...

...and for good reason. Watch. Barf. Regret, then forget:


Crazy art bike fixie...

Wow this thing is totally off the wall. Check out those bars!

It DEF looks like the type of thing you'd see at Burning man...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Douche in action at the Peel Sessions event in the burg...

Yes, that's me during the short stop skids competition at the final chapter of the Peel Sessions. Prolly & Chris ran the event and came up with a great idea. Instead of just skidding for distance, you ride up to a line drawn across your skidding area. You must have your wheel locked anytime before you hit the line but NOT after. Once in the skid you have to end in a track stand inside of a 10-12' designated square box about 20-25' away from the line. No foot down for a couple of seconds and you can't be outside of the box at all. If you are, you're out. After the first round you make the box smaller by a few feet. Next round you move it back farther. Then make it a smaller rectangle. Move it out farther and so on until the box can only fit ONE wheel and there's only one man left standing... Try it out at your next event... Also, if you're running anything close to a 44x17 gear ratio. Don't try racing against people on it. You WILL look like an jackass when you come in WAY last place. I knew I should've brought something faster...

Update: Myself looking like less of a douche. More pics by J.Martinez here and John Prolly's blog write-up here...

Another Update: Video from Kierie of that night...


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wait a minute- TWO Yamaguchi's on ebay??!!

Found this bike "in a lot of junk" ???!!!!! Unreal if it's true. Would beat my finding one in some dude's attic covered in trash bags. Anyways, BIN for $1200 bones if you got em. Bit much if you ask me...

Then there's the BRIGHT Orange one too. What are the chances???

Since we're on the topic of Hetchins bikes.. Here's my newly completed Bilenky 'Hetchins Tribute' track bike...

So here it is, my recently completed Bilenky Track bike. The Frame and Fork were built by the boys over at Bilenky Cycleworks of Philly. I started this project off with a set of NOS 1950's Hetchins Magnum Opus Lugs I bought off ebay. Then came up with the concept from my love of classic Hetchins frames and mixed in a little modern styling and technology. As you'll see, the boys at Bilenky did a mind blowing job building this frame for me. I couldn't be happier! More info and specs after the pics...

There's LOTS more pics on my flickr set. Check em' out...

So here are the specs on parts:

Vintage Major Taylor Bars and Adjustable stem
Vintage Campagnolo Record Neuovo Pista Headset
Brooks Leather Bar Wrap
Velo Orange Brass Bell
Brooks 1st Reproduction Swallow Saddle
Nitto post that is in desperate need of a good polishing to match the stem
Campagnolo Record Pista cranks (90's)
KMC gold anodized chain
MKS Royal Neuvo Track pedals, Vintage Alfredo Binda Leather straps
Phil Wood Bottom Bracket
Wheels: Zipp T2 Track Hubs laced to custom painted Velocity Deep V's

Concept and execution of the bike:

I've always been a fan of classic English road and track/path bikes. Especially Hetchins. It's one of those bikes I'd KILL to own but knew I most likely never would. Whether it be the wrong size, price etc.. That never really stopped me from searching though. One day a set of Vintage NOS Hetchins Magnum Opus lugs showed up on ebay. I won the auction and from then on I was committed to building the frame I'd been dreaming of. I'd already had first hand experience with the guys at Bilenky Cycleworks so I could think of no other to get the job done right. I consulted with Steve about what I was looking for. Curly rear stays and seatube, slightly sloping down tube etc.. I came up with most of the main ideas but those guys should take most of the credit for coming up with a few of their own and of course putting the damn thing together. During the initial build I was still trying to come up with a good color and finish for the lugs. I've always had a thing for British racing green but was in love with the tonality of colors coming out of Vanilla cycles. I opted for a nice creamy green with creamy white panels. I also wanted to do something different with the decals, or in this case lack of which there of. Along with the custom cut name plates on the ST, DT and HT, I decided to go ahead and have the lugs brass coated instead of paint or chrome. Most likely from my Love of Black Paint Leica's with brass showing through their paint as they wear. Done in a nice satin polish and left to the elements to tarnish. I knew that tarnishing would only add to the lugs patina when hand polished over the years. As for the parts, I knew I wanted to go with a lot of vintage but def some more modern hubs and clincher rims. I think I have the perfect mix. The thing rides like a FUCKing dream. The hubs are THE smoothest I've ever ridden. The bars feel so awesome when riding on top or in the drops. The saddle.. well.. let's say it has yet to be broken in, but looks cool as shit. All in all the frame and bike turned out AMAZING. I think one of the sickest things about the whole experience is the fact that the bike won TWO first place's at this years Le Cirque du Cyclisme. One for 'best fancy lugs' and two for 'best people's choice'. As you can imagine I was wicked bummed I couldn't make it to the event but SUPER stoked at the same time. That really should've be me arm in arm with those cute ass chicks though. Simon you lucky fuck! Anyways, I really can't say enough good things about the bike and the guys at Cycleworks for hooking it up. If you're in Philly def go check em' out...

Now, the real question is.. How ever am I going to top this build. hmm... Well, at least I've already gotten a good start:

And here's my current inspiration:


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

ALL white tires anyone?

Saw these a little while back on the HK fixed gear blog. Just saw that he posted where you can get your filthy mitts on a set. Japanese and Engrish...

whooooooa, two STELLAR Hetchins steeds from same seller on ebay- EXACTA STYLE!!!

One vintage Hetchins roadie and one vintage Fixed Gear- SWEET!


Monday, November 12, 2007

A man after my own heart...

HF's beautiful new Hetchins Track:


Thursday, November 8, 2007

Two VERY Interesting Non drilled fork brake mounts...

I have never seen anything like these before. I've seen adapters for the rear brake mount but nothing for the front. Pretty cool if you want to mount a front brake on a non drilled fork. The same seller have two for sale. 1 and 2...

Update: So apparently this is old news to all the NJS mofo's out there. Not sure how they slipped under my radar. Anyways, from what I hear now you can order these direct from Kalavinka...

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Alright.. It's BOB JACKSON time!!!

Okay, they're finally in! BRAND NEW Bob Jackson Track Fixed Gear Single Speed frame and forks sets starting at $1025 shipping including within the USA ONLY. Shipping to Japan also available for an extra $40 bucks. Check em out and contact me for any other info you need IF YOU ARE SERIOUS:

Here's the basic rundown on ALL OF THEM: Paul adjustable dropouts, Dimpled rear ST for extra tire clearance, Drilled fork for a front brake ONLY, Street Geometry for more comfortable riding (not super aggressive)...

Basically, these frames are FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!

Check out my Flickr set for WAY more pictures!

Here ya go:

Copper w/black lug lining: 55cm CTC

Silver w/red lug lining and blue panels: 55cm CTC

ssssSICK Matte black w/blue lug lining and a red panel: 56cm CTT ST and 56cm CTC TT

White w/blue and black lug lining and blue panels: 58cm CTC

Dark Grey w/red lug lining: 53cm CTC

Light blue w/white lug lining and silver panels: 52cm CTC (I think. I'll double check)

Light grey w/yellow lug lining: 53cm CTC

Glossy Black on Black: 54cm CTC

I'm almost positive on all these sizes. I will update this post with more info when I get it...


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

This.. is CLASSIC!

Why You Shouldnt Drink And Bike - Watch more free videos

1966 Schwinn Paramount in need...

What it needs is for someone to rip off that bar/stem/seatpost combo STAT. So tragic!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Damn, another Masi...

This one's also in great condition...

Update: The seller's relisted this bike and LOWERED their reserve...

Quite the fucking pair!

Georgous Vintage Masi Track and Bianchi Roadie from the same seller on ebay!

Friday, November 2, 2007

HOTT fucking shorts man!!!

Anything bike related that also has to do with chicks asses is A-number-fucking-1 in my book. Damn I'd like to take a swing at that shit with a wiffle ball bat- WWWHAP!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Easton EC90 Track Bar Review...

Okay, I'm sitting here wondering how I'm going to start this review without saying these bars are the shit or are the raddest or some other moronic euphemism. But honestly, I can't. They ARE the shit and they ARE the raddest FUCKING track bars out there. Well, as far as he techy sort goes. I have a couple of vintage steel ones that I'd NEVER part with. In any case, what makes these bars SO SICK is the fact that not only are they the lightest out there but they're also the strongest AND stiffest. Half the weight of steel coming in at 320 grams. 15% stronger than steel and 50% stiffer. I was a little skeptical at first when I saw them on the website but once I got my filthy mitts on a pair my fears were IMMEDIATELY aleviated. What I hadn't realized until I got them is that they're Carbon wrapped Aluminum. Which explains what makes them so light and stiff. Awesome fucking combo. The best part of which is that it makes them really thick up top for big hands (such as mine). Imagine the stem mount area on a set of 31.8 oversized bars that just keeps going. The drops are a thinner diameter but once wrapped matches the rest. The one pain in the ass part is that the drop ends are rounded instead of open which makes buttoning up the wrap annoying. Whatever.. Once you get these fuckers wrapped and mounted the ride is KILLER. They have a really great feel to them. The grip is great too despite not being wrapped on top. Totally comfortable as is. Which is funny cause I really don't like riding bare steel. But with these, no sweat. I love getting in the drops when sprinting and wrenching the bike back and forth. Fucking sweet! Now the one and only bad thing is of course, as usual, the goddamn price. These retail at a SUICIDAL $350-$400 bones! FUCK THAT!! But wait! They do show up on ebay from time to time for MUCH less. I bought my first set (pictured) on there for $250-ish new a couple of years ago. Then I bought another new one which also included a new EC70 stem for $225. Sold the stem for $80 and I was STOKED. I actually saw someone selling one new for $200 but no one went for it. Anyways, I've ridden a lot of different bars from steel to aluminum to carbon but these ones are definitely in a class of their own. Get a set and have NO regrets...

This thing is fucking SICK!

This is probably the nicest Ciocc roadie I've EVER seen. Totally classic and totally rideable...

mmm tasty NOS Titan stem for $120 BIN!

Damn that shit looks nnnnnnice! If I didn't already have more stems than bikes I'd prob be all over it...