Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Alright.. It's BOB JACKSON time!!!

Okay, they're finally in! BRAND NEW Bob Jackson Track Fixed Gear Single Speed frame and forks sets starting at $1025 shipping including within the USA ONLY. Shipping to Japan also available for an extra $40 bucks. Check em out and contact me for any other info you need IF YOU ARE SERIOUS:

Here's the basic rundown on ALL OF THEM: Paul adjustable dropouts, Dimpled rear ST for extra tire clearance, Drilled fork for a front brake ONLY, Street Geometry for more comfortable riding (not super aggressive)...

Basically, these frames are FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!

Check out my Flickr set for WAY more pictures!

Here ya go:

Copper w/black lug lining: 55cm CTC

Silver w/red lug lining and blue panels: 55cm CTC

ssssSICK Matte black w/blue lug lining and a red panel: 56cm CTT ST and 56cm CTC TT

White w/blue and black lug lining and blue panels: 58cm CTC

Dark Grey w/red lug lining: 53cm CTC

Light blue w/white lug lining and silver panels: 52cm CTC (I think. I'll double check)

Light grey w/yellow lug lining: 53cm CTC

Glossy Black on Black: 54cm CTC

I'm almost positive on all these sizes. I will update this post with more info when I get it...



® said...

man that BJ matte black is sick.
if only my dad's face was on those bank notes.

still searching for the bianchi matte black... no luck yet

CyclingWMD said...

I KNOW RIGHT?? I want it SO BAD! But I'm going to hold off. I think with the next batch ordered I'm going to treat myself to a 'Super Legend' hehe. We'll see. What size Concept are you looking for BTW? Let me know in case I spot one for ya...