Friday, August 24, 2007

OT: Story # 3 - The Reverand Al Sharpton

Okay, this one's pretty quick but still fucking great. One of my co-workers Steve and I would occasionally satisfy our guitly pleasure by heading over to KFC to indulge in what at the time could still be considered a chicken. On our way we usually bullshitted about this and that, people we hated dealing with there etc.. This one particular day right as we were crossing 51st I look ahead of us and I saw the Reverand Al Sharpton walking towards us. It was lunchtime and if you've ever been to that general area around 1pm during a nice summer day its fucking loaded with peope. I was surprised I even notice him. It was just him an a colleague wearing nice suits walking like they were on a fucking mission. I leaned over to Steve and said: Whoa, Steve, Check it out- It's the Reverand Al! Steve looked up: "What?, Where!"

At that point we were about 10 feet away from him. As we came within earshot, Steve threw up his fist and blared: Reverend Al! STAY BLACK!! The Reverend let out a little grunt in recognition of his name being spoken but after Steve said the 'stay black' part I didn't hear shit else aside from the high pitch hyena laugh that spewed forth from my lungs. I pretty much didn't stop laughing about it and being marveled at the size of Steve's balls until I was back sitting at my desk noshing on greasy fried chicken. I think the only reason Steve didn't get his ass totally kicked was because he was Chinese. Lord knows if my cracker ass said some shit like that I'd mos def cop a beat down rrrreeeeaaaal quick!


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Andrew said...

Oh my god I almost cried reading that.