Friday, April 4, 2014

BIG Group of tasty NOS Dura Ace Track gear just came in!!

Full NOS vintage Dura Ace Track group, 6 sets of Shimano UFP 10 track dropouts, and a NOS DA10 chain whip and lockring:

Close up of the butterylicious cranks:

..and the SIX sets of OG Shimano UFP 10 drop outs:

While everything wasn't a hella good deal, the overall price was very fair. Especially considering how long and how much more it would take to put together a full NOS group like this..

In other words, fuckin' stoked!

Not sure what they're going on as of yet. Part of me wants to build a classic track frame, toss this group on and sell it. Would also be lovely on a vintage NJS bike as well. I've also got another new frame I'll be starting work on shortly which is also tempting but it's another one of my weird designs so I'm not sure if it'll go with it stylistically. We'll see what I have in mind as that project begins..


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Progress on the schmancy lugged True Temper aero seat tube frame!

Spent the weekend building the rear triangle and IT. WAS. A. DAAAWWG. Totally worth it tho cause now I have a bike with a fat ass that I can't help wanting to slap lol!:

The wheels are just for mock up but I'm kinda feelin' something similar for the final build, hehe..

Still have a ffffffffffFUCKLOAD of work to do on it. Internal cabling should be fun NOT REALLY. Then all the little spear points I made amongst other bits and pieces. Then like a hundred more things before this sexy beast is ready for paint. Real paint with any luck..

More soon..


Monday, March 17, 2014

Sorry it's been slow lately..

..with the progress on the new frames I'm working on etc. I've been busy with work and just got a new gig too :-) Hopefully when I have a weekend to myself I can get back to it all..

In the meantime, remember the Cinelli Demi-Fond stem I got for $49 on ebay? Well it came in and it is easily THE nicest example I've seen off a show bike. Literally. Fucking thing doesn't even look like it was used. SO. FUCKING. STOKED.

Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. Obviously I could sell it and get at least like $4-500 hundy for it but I'm also tempted to use it on one of my future classic frame builds as well. If you or a friend have a super awesome Cinelli frame that you think that stem should go on holler at me. If I do sell it, I'll want to know for a fact it's going on the right bike..

Oh and I almost forgot, I'm doing some spring cleaning and decided it was time to part with my mini tall roadie frame:

It's a little ugly in some spots from a couple of minor repairs but it's a fine example of my pre Yamaguchi school freak bike building skills lol. Does not include nitto tubular holder but does come with a Thomson set back post and provisions for FIVE water bottles and acc. You should be at least like 5' 10" to ride it. About a 57cm frame. I have no idea what to sell it for so feel free to make me an offer! 

More soon..


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Untarckify your Tarck with the 'BREVET' SPECIAL!!

As you recall from a previous post, I did some work for a customer interested in getting a little more functionality from his Broakland track frame. I replaced the seat stay bridge with a brake bridge, cable guides and added 2 sets of H20 bosses all for $150 bucks. Which is a pretty damn good deal considering the time and effort involved..

He was stoked so he wrote me a little review and even made some snaps:

"I contacted Alan to replace the bridge, add H20 bosses, and cable stops. I just got the frame back today. Super clean and fast! I love how everything came out, even better than I expected." jensenn

I was pretty stoked too so I figured I'd offer the same service to anyone else who'd like the same done to one of their frames:

So there you have it- if you're interested and live in the NYC/NJ area be sure to holler at me!

This service is perfect for a beater and or cheap and or nice tarck frame that could use a few tidbits to make it more enjoyable to ride. Obviously I can offer a lot more options so if you're interested in various other custom features be sure to inquire :-)

I figure this way I can make good use of my days off and somewhat justify spending thousands of dollars on frame building equipment. Not to mention that most builders in the area don't have time to do these kinds of repairs for people or for as cheap. I don't have a huge name brand or pay rent on my shop so I can pass off the savings a bit :-)


Tuesday, March 4, 2014



Monday, March 3, 2014

Guess who just bought..



Talk about a HELLA productive weekend!

Had to make some SS caps to finish off the Sachs frame..


Plates brazed on:

Progression of shaping:


One of many reasons why I love my Anvil jig:

Frame completed minus cleaning and touch up work and new rack:

Close up of said caps on frame:

Then I brazed the front triangle of the new lugged aero seat tube frame:

I'm starting to think 1x8/9 townie now after coming up with an idea for another set of funky bars..

Worked on a customer's Broakland frame. Here's swapping out the original bridge for a brake bridge:

Also did cable mounts and 2 sets of H20 bosses..

Then I got high and came up with this:

..which I'm really stoked on but really not stoked to actually make :-/

Anyways, looks like I'm working all week so progress might be a little slow this weekend..

More soon enough!


Monday, February 24, 2014

Shit got real in the shop the other day..


Just quick and dirty to see them in real life. These are wicked experimental adjustable track bars, spawed from my own desire to have another set of Yamaguchi style aero bars and a forum conversation with someone who participates in some 6 day track racing events etc..

The stem will slide via a clamp style stem and the drops will be adjustable for width and up/down angle via a quill stem style set up. They will drop slightly when making them wider but the downward angle isn't that severe and since they're track bars you don't want them too wide anyways. The inside of the aero section will house a piece of 1" fork steerer tube for the quill action to work properly..

The idea behind these bars is to test out the design, fit and comfort. I knew that if I didn't incorporate adjustability into them it would be impossible to accurately determine fit for one person, let alone multiple individuals preferences. So these are basically 'fitting' bars. If I was to make another set, they would be based off a persons adjustments and have no adjustability. Maybe the stem but probably not the drops as creating that set up is a pain in the balls, adds weight and might not perform as well under stress..

Worst case I'll toss em on a sunday fun day bike as they would make for an interesting conversation piece lol

Just made an order to Nova for some more bits and once I get my tanks refilled I'll be ready to gizzo in the shop again. If anyone in the area feels like giving me a lift to the welding supply place holler at me as my cars transmission took a dump recently :-(


Thursday, February 20, 2014

A little catching up..

Totally didn't realize it's been 10 days since the last post! I've been kinda busy with things and the last couple of times in the shop I made progress, but it was mostly clean up work. For instance, here's the Sachs fork I started building last time:

Pretty much done with the exception of a bit more cleaning/sanding/polishing..

My moms came across this wicked old photo of my brosef showing me how to adjust some pesky center pull brakes on a bitchin' late 70's Mongoose BMX his buddy gave me. I had never seen this photo up until last week and I am super stoked on it :-)

Another one of myself circa 84' when I first learned how to ride a bicycle :-) Please note the 68' Firebird, Chevy Vega and 84' Firebird parked in the driveway lol..

The snow situation here has been sucking a fat nut lately:

Did a double take when I walked past the mailroom just now:


I'm not even into MTBs but this Ti Merlin XLM was pretty tight:

Thomson handlebar, stem and seat post, Shimano XTR hydro brakes, Sram XX1 drivetrain, Chris King headset, FOX fork and Industry Nine wheels with Schwalbe tires.. Yep, it's a would!

Anywho, I'll be in the shop again tomorrow SO FOLLOW ME IN INSTAGRAM YOU FILTHY BASTARDS LOL!!

I mean, check out this sunday selfie with my 5 kilo dreamboat lol!



Monday, February 10, 2014

Progress on the Sachs frame finally!

I bought some Richard Sachs Newvex lugs and Pego/Richie tubing a while back and built the front triangle:

Figured I'd get on the fork since I just made one. Mocked up rack mounts:

All of em ready to be mounted:

Mocked up in the jig:

The unfortunate reality that is my workbench:

Ended the day with some lulz:

Just gotta clean em up and they'll be ready to go. Need to get back on the frames anyways..

More soon!


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bridgestone Track frame repair complete and more progress on the new fork!

Finished the Bridgestone track bike repair and passed it on to a stoked person (previous post here)..

Before and After:


Then I couldn't decide on what to do for a lower rack mount on the new fork:

Then I got stoned and came up with this design (left) and it seemed to match nicely:

Third times the charm:

Duplication steps:

Done with the first two:

Should have the fork done next time I'm in the shop  \m/